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How many Solar Panels to Power a House

If you decide to go 'GREEN' with your house and power it with the help of Solar panels, the first question that arises is how many Solar panels you need to power your entire home. This is a straightforward question, but the answers are quite complicated. Why? Because there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are calculating the number of Solar panels for your house; your house's energy needs, the Solar cells power, the sun's availability and weather in your area, and your roof space and incline.

We have made these factors quite simple; so start your design now when you download our FREE Daily Energy Consumption (Loads) Spreadsheet.

How Many Solar Panels to Get 2000KWH per month

You can calculate the size of the Solar system and the number of necessary Solar panels using a not so complicated algorithm. The numbers you have to put in the equation are your monthly electricity usuage, the number of peak sun hours per day in your area and the power of a Solar panel.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need

If you are interested in the idea of using free, environmental friendly energy to power your household, and you want to have a Solar panel array installed, one of the most basic requirements you need to keep track of is the number of Solar panels that is required.

There are many factors that would determine just how many Solar panels you would need to use, and how many you will actually be able to buy.Some of these include the results of your 'Energy Consumption' target calculations (how much energy your household appliances and devices need in order to function properly), the budget you have at your disposal and the type of Solar panel you are using.

Also depending on whether you are considering the purchase of a high tech Solar array or your'e thinking of building your own Solar panels yourself out of cheaper materials, the prices may vary.Therefore, the number of Solar panels you can put together in an array may be different, and their quality might also have to be assessed.

We have made these factors quite simple; so start your design now when you download our FREE Daily Energy Consumption (Loads) Spreadsheet.



Recommended below: (kW - kilowatts)
1.  Off-grid/stand alone - 7kW and over /day or just want to be independent by producing one's own energy
2.  Battery design) - for back up purposes
3.  Gridtie - 5kW and above/day
4.  Grid tie /w battery backup - 5kW and above/day

For consumption below 5kW/day, choice left up to consumer to decide whether grid tie or stand alone
NB: grid tie is sharing electricity consumption with the power company and a battery backup can be incorporated for loads/appliances that should be always on.