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About Us

This website was designed to help OUR fellow enthusiasts, do-it-yourselfers, persons excited about Renewable Energy and want to save lots of money.  You will learn how to design and execute your very  own Photovoltaic Array and Battery systems for your home  or business,  in the pursuit of a "GREENER" environment.

This website contains resources where you obtain information that is easily interactive  as YOU draft  your Array and Battery Bank systems  for both grid connect  and off-grid networks.

Please have a look around and feel free to Post a question, comment, or suggestion or just to share pictures of your very own Renewable Energy project. We are happy you have joined us.

Starting right in our homes and businesses, we need to be energy conscious in doing our part to contribute to a "GREEN" environment. Implementing this Renewable energy solution, will ultimately save the planet, not for ourselves only but for Future generations.

Our Motto: "Go Green, Go Solar, It's Renewable!"

Thank you for visiting"Renewable Energy Too" and  We  hope to see you hanging around here!  We also look forward to hearing from and chatting with you.

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Solar Photovoltaic Power System Design