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Renewable Energy

Why Renewable Energy?

It is believed wholeheartedly that the technology of Renewables and its feasibility is rewarding. It is also believed that Renewable Energy can help the world in a number of vital ways. In this article and others to follow, you will read and see good things - for the most part - about Renewable Energy. The sharing with people about Renewable Energy over the years and the response of individuals after individuals becoming curious, then being convinced, and finally committing to Renewable Energy in their homes, their communities and their careers attest to this. Renewable Energy is addictive. Be warned,

Climate Change and Fossil Fuels

Our use of energy is inextricably connected to climate change. Human-induced changes to the atmosphere are causing the planet to warm through the greenhouse effect. Let's be clear here, when we say human-induced changes, we mean from all of us; including YOU. We are spewing huge quantities of greenhouse gases into the sky, where those gases trap heat from the sun - heat that would have bounced back into space if greenhouse gases weren't there. Although there is some debate about exactly how much we are heating things up, the scientific community agrees that we are increasing global temperatures.

Currently, when we want energy for just about anything, we look down beneath our feet and start digging or drilling. We get the vast majority of our energy from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. These fuels were created millions of years ago when plants and animals died, decayed and compressed under their own weight as they piled higher. An inconceivable amount of energy (all captured from the sun by plants, by the way) was captured and stored in this process. Once we dig up fossil fuels (hydrocarbons), we burn them (oxidize them). The reaction's energy is harvested to power our car or toaster, and the freed carbon (C) atom latches on to two oxygen (O) atoms, Voila, Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Just before the industrial revolution there were less than 300 parts per million of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere. Today there are 387 and rising. Not coincidentally, if you are 13 years old or older then you've through the ten hottest years in recorded history. And of course the drilling, transportation and burning of fossil fuels also pollutes our world in many other ways, not just CO2 production.


So where does that leaves us today? We are developing solutions, one of which is Renewable Energy, a Term that explains itself. This is energy which can be renewed again and again. It is energy that is readily available in sunlight, in wind,in running water and all other natural sources. Renewable Energy is out there to be harvested and it can be collected with a relatively small investment of energy - using current technology. When the sun sets today we can rest well knowing the sun will come up tomorrow and provide usable energy to us again.