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"How to Lavishly Save Energy - The Best Simple Powerful Secrets"

(Here is a method that is helping Homeowners pull it off.)

There is something You need to know in this situation:

- Learn How to Size & Design your own Solar energy system and avoid paying huge sums to someone who probably isn't a certified professional

- You will save much on consultancy and fees as You will be taught how to do it 

- Whatever Design You choose to implement, will be done according to budgetted funds with no added burden as well as the flexibility for future expansion at your pace.

- Solar energy system sizing, design and implementation will guarantee a Huge reduction in Energy consumption monthly

- This Solar energy system sizing & design is 20% less expensive than the market leaders, but has superior instructions

- Benefit from Net-metering when you size, design and implement your own Solar energy system to save funds that would normally go to Your Utility provider as you put credit on your electric bill.

- Conduct your own periodic maintenace checks cost free

- Earn Government incentives for going Solar by being paid to do so. 

- Have your design drafted in 45 minutes or less without the hassle of having to approve multiple submissions by consultants over extended periods

Whether Your preference is Grid- Direct or Off-Grid, take advantage of FREE sunshine to eliminate the cost of rising Energy cost with Solar panels

Copy this entire set of Blueprints and Size, Design, Your Own "Customized and Affordable" Solar Energy System at a fraction of the price a Contractor would charge!!

You don't have to figure this stuff out all on your own. Just follow what we tell you using our proven templates.