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How To Size an Off-Grid Power Inverter, Battery Bank, Solar Panel Array, Charge Controller & System Wiring - Main Circuit Breaker (Single Phase 120/240V Method)


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Product Description

Solar Array Design for an Off-Grid(Stand-alone) System using the Main Distribution Panel Circuit Breaker

With this comprehensive formula, calculations can be made for the following parameters, using the main circuit breaker:

1. the number of Solar panels required to be installed to maintain steady charging to the battery bank

2. the number of batteries/bank of batteries to maintain constant current to the desired inverter

3. the sized inverter to maintain constant voltage and current in the locations network

4. implementation of a stepup/stepdown transformer to accommodate increased voltage where necessary

5. A 'How to Calculate Volage Drop' formula between components is also provided. Watch product video.

6. Choose from an assortment of industry standard battery manufacturers specification to incorporate in your design.

7. Inside also, is a 'Wire Sizing System Worksheet' 

Download this handy plug and play formula and start designing an array network using the main circuit breaker.



Recommended below: (kW - kilowatts)
1.  Off-grid/stand alone - 7kW and over /day or just want to be independent by producing one's own energy
2.  Battery design) - for back up purposes
3.  Gridtie - 5kW and above/day
4.  Grid tie /w battery backup - 5kW and above/day

For consumption below 5kW/day, choice left up to consumer to decide whether grid tie or stand alone
NB: grid tie is sharing electricity consumption with the power company and a battery backup can be incorporated for loads/appliances that should be always on.